How to Get Rid of Garden Weeds

Weeds are the bane of a gardener’s existence and will generally send any normal gardener into a rage when they find obnoxious weeds overcrowding their beautiful flowers. Weeds grow relentlessly and multiply faster than bunnies, so getting rid of weeds at the first sign of them is essential.


Proper garden maintenance in Brisbane is often not enough to prevent weeds from invading your garden, this is why knowing some effective ways of stopping weeds from ever coming back will save you from tons of work in the future.

One of the best ways to completely rid your garden of weeds is to start off early in the spring, just as plants are awaking from their winter slumber. Also, you can start planting new bulbs and plants during this process as well – combining it into one full days worth of work  will save you time in the future. First, get some of the black plastic netting that is sold at all garden centers. This plastic comes in a roll and you should get enough to cover your entire garden.

Along with the plastic, you need to purchase an edger for your garden. This can be bricks, or those small plastic black edgers that get pushed into the ground. Additionally, you need to purchase a substantial amount of mulch. Once you have all of that, head home and prepare for work.

First things first, the black plastic will be laid out across your entire garden. It is easier to lay it out first and then take a pair of scissors and go around cutting holes for your plants (you can plant more bulbs during this process). When all of the plastic is laid down, you can then put your edger around your garden. The edger can serve as a way to keep the plastic mesh down and stable.

Once all of that is done, you can then begin to lay out your mulch. Try not to crush any of your plants with the mulch as it is easy to do and can permanently damage the plant. Spread the mulch all the way to the edge of the garden and make it a few inches thick.

Now that your new garden is now weed proof, you can rest easy knowing that throughout the entire summer you may only need to pluck out one or two weeds that managed to get into your garden.

Unfortunately, this process can not only be time consuming but difficult and physically strenuous as well. Professional gardening services in Brisbane can be hired for those who are too busy or simply want to effortlessly rid their garden of weeds forever.

If you are looking for gardening services in Brisbane or for someone to help with garden maintenance in Brisbane, then contact Graham’s Garden Care today!