Top Tips For Sunshine Coast Gardeners This Spring

Sunshine Coast Gardener Tips

Top Tips For Sunshine Coast Gardeners This Spring

Just because it’s not spring doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prepare your garden for the next springtime season. The committed Sunshine Coast Gardener has a lot to do and look forward to, regardless of what season it may currently be.

Here are the 8 top tips for sunshine coast gardeners, to make sure that their gardens look the best for this upcoming spring:

1) Focus On Native Plants

Sunshine Coast Gardener Native Plant Tips

Spring is a wonderful time to plant seeds in your garden; particularly, late September. This is the ideal time for seeds to grow and organically help your garden expand, and the best plants to do this are those that are native to Australia. When searching for new seeds to add to your garden, make sure to focus on native plants, as these are the best for cuttings.

2) Always Use Mulch

Sunshine Coast Gardener Mulching Tips

It isn’t enough for a garden to have soil, plants, and water. If you want to make sure that your plants have a great place to grow, mulch is your best answer. Mulch will make sure that your garden retains the important nutrients and water. This keeps your soil moist, cool, and insulated while suppressing any weeds that might come up. Organic mulch also looks great, so you add an extra layer of charm to your garden.

3) Keep Your Eyes Open For Weeds

Sunshine Coast Gardener Weeding Tip

Spring is the ideal time to start weeding your garden; not only is it not as hot as it will be during summer time, but this is generally the season when they start to grow. By cutting them out during the spring, you save yourself the pain of dealing with much larger and thicker weeds during the summer. Sure, it may add to your workload during the spring, but better in the spring than in the summer.

4) Build A Garden Shed

Sunshine Coast Gardener Shed Tips

Looking for an extra side project to keep you occupied for the spring? A garden shed is perfect for any garden that can afford the space to have one. Some homeowners put little effort in their garden shed, turning it into a huge eyesore hidden at the back of the garden. But you don’t have to spend big to build a garden shed worthy of your garden—with the right kit, you can build a fully-equipped and versatile garden shed with a fraction of the expected cost. Consider adding a window to your shed, making your time in the shed just a little bit more comfortable.

5) Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Sunshine Coast Gardener Lawn Tips

There is more to taking care of your lawn than just mowing it, weeding it, and keeping the grass watered. Consider the added benefits of aerating your lawn’s soil. Every Sunshine Coast gardener should keep in mind the fact that the winter months are hard on your lawn, as the cold temperatures tend to harden cause your lawn soil to be compact. More compact soil means less water seeping to your plants’ roots, eventually leading to brown spots of dead patches.

Keeping your lawn healthy is simple. Weed, aerate, then fertilise. By doing this in the spring, you ensure its survival during the boiling summer months.

6) Don’t Settle For Poor Soil

Sunshine Coast Gardener Soil Tips

Much of the soil around Australia is bad for your healthy lawn, as it is riddled with clay. To avoid clay-filled soil, you will need to break it up with gypsum. This can be done with either a high-quality fertilizer or with a compost heap, adding tons of nutrients to your yard. You will see results immediately upon the next plants that grow in your garden, with greener and more vibrant colours.

7) Plant Some Veggies

Sunshine Coast Gardener Vegetable Tips

Maybe it’s time to consider having your backyard start directly benefiting you. Grow your own food with a homemade vegetable garden. Save yourself a couple of trips to the grocery by growing your ingredients in your own garden, and the best time to do this is in the spring. September is generally the best month, but October is a safer bet, especially if your area has a history of frost. As a Sunshine Coast Gardener, September should be a good choice.

When choosing your vegetables, make sure you do extensive research to make sure that you are choosing vegetables that won’t crowd each other out, or that can grow side-by-side with no problem.

8) Keep the Pests Out!

Sunshine Coast Gardener Pest Tips

And finally, we should remind you that every garden is at risk of pests, especially during warmer seasons like spring. The great thing is that you don’t have to use highly-toxic pesticides; the market provides a variety of natural pesticides which will protect your garden from pests without risking adding toxins to your plants and vegetables.

Looking For Help?

If you need help with your garden this spring or anytime this year, consider Graham’s Garden Care. At Graham’s Garden Care, we provide professional garden work for maximum value.

The 5 Main Things To Get Done Before Christmas

The Top 5 Things To Get Done Before Christmas

The 5 Main Things to Get Done Before Christmas 

The Christmas season is finally here, and that means a few things: family, gifts, feasts, and decorations. But there’s one more responsibility that many of us wish we could forget: cleaning everything up. Hosting two dozen relatives and friends for Christmas just isn’t the same when your home and garden aren’t in perfect condition.

With all the other Christmas preparations you already have to concern yourself with, do you really still have time to turn your home and lawn into the perfect Christmas party venue? Or maybe you do have time, but you don’t want to spend your entire holiday mowing your lawn and trimming your trees.

The great thing is, you don’t have to. Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care and Graham’s Garden Care can provide the best services in home cleaning and lawn mowing Brisbane can offer. Here are the 5 main things to get done before Christmas, all of which we can help you with: 

1) Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing Green Lawn

The first part of your home that your visitors will see as they drive up to your lot is your lawn. Your lawn is the first impression, setting the tone for the party, so it’s crucial that you take care of the bare essentials when it comes to your lawn, and that means mowing.

But if you’re not someone who regularly mows, you might find yourself surprised with the amount of work that will need to be done. Maybe your mower is old and rusted, or maybe your lawn requires a lot more work than a simple mower can achieve.

This is where we step in. Graham’s Garden Care is the lawn mowing solution Brisbane deserves. We turn any lawn—no matter how unkempt or unruly—into a trim, precise, beautiful piece of work.

2) Trimming Your Trees

Pruning Christmas Hedge

Trees are often the most neglected part of any home. Many of us leave them to grow as much as they can until they get in the way of a wire or post. But while you may not realize it, an unkempt tree is a giant eyesore to visitors; you just don’t see it anymore because you’re so accustomed to it.

Trimming your trees yourself can be a tiresome and even dangerous project, especially if you’re an amateur. Leaving it to the professionals is the best way to get the job done. We can cut all the unruly branches and leaves, and give your tree the shape that will make it look fresh.

3) Cleaning Your Car

Christmas Car Cleaning

When was the last time you really appreciated your car? It’s not a long shot to guess that your car isn’t anywhere near as handsome as it was the day that you bought it. The years have taken a toll on your vehicle, and everything just looks a little duller than it once did.

With Graham’s Car Cleaning, we can give your car that “brand new shine” that you have been missing for years. Our mobile car wash can work on every part of your car, including the interior and exterior. Don’t hesitate to call us today.

4) Cleaning Your Home

Christmas House Cleaning

The interior of your home will most definitely be the centrepiece of your party and event. Hosting your friends and family in a disorganized, messy, and even dirty home can limit the fun and lessen the mood. If your house doesn’t look the part, building the holiday atmosphere can be a difficult task.

Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care can take care of everything. And we mean it: every project that our team works on gets the full treatment and commitment. We ensure that every corner has been wiped, every counter shined, and every bookshelf dusted. You won’t find home cleaners more professional than us in Brisbane or anywhere else.

5) Fixing Up Your Garden

Gardener Planted Salvia Chrys Poinsettia

And finally, the garden. The garden is where at least half of your gathering will take place—people love getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and appreciating your beautiful garden. But the question is, is your garden nice in the first place?

We offer full garden maintenance and rework. Whether you need landscaping or brand new flowers and plants, we are more than prepared to fix your garden up and turn it into the bell of the ball.

Christmas: Just Around the Corner

With all of these responsibilities to get done before Christmas, are you sure you have enough time to handle them on your own? Don’t stress yourself—just contact us and we can take all of the weight off your shoulders. Let us do the hard work on your home, garden, lawn, and car, while you work on everything else. No other gardeninghome cleaning, car cleaning & lawn mowing Brisbane services get the job done better than us.

Contact us today!

Why Graham’s Garden Care Are Brisbane’s Leading Lawn Mowers

Professional Lawn Mower Mowing

Why Graham’s Garden Care Are Brisbane’s Leading Lawn Mowers

Patches of high grass, pesky clumps of weeds, uneven cuts? Mowing your lawn isn’t as easy as movies make you think. But for the successful professional out there, balancing your work life, family life, and your own life is enough work as it is; who has the time and energy to put into keeping up the best lawn, especially when you have to do it week after week, month after month? It’s almost another full-time job on its own!

The solution is simple: contact us at Graham’s Garden Care, and we can show you first hand why we are Brisbane’s leading lawn mowers. We have been lawn mowing Brisbane’s finest lawns for decades, and there’s a reason why we’ve stayed in this business for so long — because we do it the best. Here are just some of the reasons why our customers always call again.

Decades of Experience

Professional Lawn Mower Brisbane

Our doors have been open since 1992. With 25 years of experience servicing areas all over Queensland, we’ve seen it all. You can’t beat the skill and talent that grows from decades worth of experience and repetition. There are some things that you just learn over time, and we’ve done it all when it comes to property maintenance and taking care of lawns.

Trusted and True

Lawn Maintenance Whipper Snipper Brisbane

Ask anyone you know with a great lawn and they’ll be familiar with our name. Why? Because we’ve spent years building our brand, cultivating our reputation, and living up to our name. Graham’s Garden Care understands the absolute importance of the customer’s trust and the value of your word, and we always strive to do everything to leave every relationship with a new customer on a positive note. When you put your lawn in our hands, the only guarantee you need is the name on our truck.

Independently Owned Graham’s Garden Care Franchises All Over South East Queensland

Graham’s Garden Care offers all the trust and security of working with a large business but all the personal attention of dealing with a small one. Our franchises are independently owned by franchise owners that have been trained to showcase the same quality and product that Graham’s Garden Care is known for, while applying the personal touch that comes with your area, whether it be in Brisbane, Queensland, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Redland Bay, Moreton Bay, Pine Rivers, Caboolture, and other surrounding areas.

Only Experts Wear Our Brand

With Graham’s Garden Care, you’re not hiring your teenage son to take care of your yard work, and you won’t get that kind of quality. Graham’s Garden Care is represented only by those that have been trained and vetted by our garden care experts at the very top. Each franchise employs highly trained and qualified operators and yard work professionals with many years of their own experience. No matter which franchise you contact, you will be treated to the meticulous and pristine expertise of an expert who takes his work seriously.

Fully Insured Franchises

Looking for that extra guarantee? Have the peace of mind in knowing that every franchise owner is fully insured. Graham’s Garden Care knows that security and safety are top concerns for everyone trusting us with their garden care, and we fully share that priority.

More Than Just Mowing Lawns

Need something more than the best lawn mowing Brisbane can offer? Graham’s Garden Care can untangle any problem you may have. Aside from lawn mowing, we offer a variety of other services, including:

  • Garden Maintenance: Keep your gardens expertly maintained, with experts handling all your planting, hedging, trimming, and mulching needs. Create the most impressive outdoor space your front or backyard can showcase.
  • Garden Makeover: When you need more than just a simple maintenance job, the makeover is the answer for you. Tell us what your outdoor dream is and we will work tirelessly to turn that into a reality. We will service everything, including front yards, backyards, gardens, courtyards, pool areas, and commercial properties. Nothing is too big or small.
  • Garden Clean Up: Need a big one time clean up for your garden which has fallen into disarray? Whether your garden is covered in weeds and nasty plants or has slowly become a trash pit you don’t want your neighbours to see, it’s no problem: we can turn it back into the magazine garden it should be.

Garden Clean Up Services

  • Pruning and Hedging: When you are looking to giving your hedges, shrubs, and trees that expert, Hollywood movie look, pruning and hedging is your answer. Nothing makes a garden stand out more than freshly cut hedges and trees.
  • Odd Jobs: Have something particularly specific or unique that you’re not sure anyone can help you with? Just tell us about it and we’ll tell you how we can help. After nearly three decades in the business, believe us: we’ve seen everything.

There’s no better garden care solution than Graham’s Garden Care. Lawn mowing in Brisbane has never been easier. Contact us today and let us give you a free quote.

10 Reasons Why Graham’s Garden Care Are Brisbane’s Best Gardeners

Graham's Garden Care Brisbane's Best Gardeners

10 Reasons Why Graham’s Garden Care Are Brisbane’s Best Gardeners

A garden can add a ton of value to any home, and whether you’re planning to raise your property’s selling power or simply give yourself an amazing view every time you look out the window, creating the best garden is essential. But creating or maintaining a garden can not only be time-consuming but also an incredibly energy-intensive task.

With your own full-time job and career to think about, where do you get the time to keep your own garden alive? Graham’s Garden Care is the solution for you—with a single call to Graham’s Garden Care, your garden will look like it was worked on by the best gardener Brisbane can offer. Here are ten undeniable reasons why Graham’s Garden Care Are Brisbane’s Best Gardeners.

1) We Offer Every Gardening Service You May Need

With other Brisbane gardeners, you may find yourself stuck with limited service. You find yourself at the risk of being taken advantage of, by gardeners who don’t provide the exact services you need to make your garden top class. Graham’s Garden Care offers more than just basic general garden maintenance and will do whatever it takes to make your garden the best in the neighbourhood.
Graham's Garden Care Quality Gardeners

2) Need Plant Recommendations? No Problem!

We can’t all expect to be garden or plant experts. And with so many different varieties of flowers, trees, and shrubs available, it can be hard to be a true expert at what plant installations may look best for your particular garden. Graham’s Garden Care has collected many of the most experienced gardeners Brisbane can offer; we’re a walking encyclopaedia of plants.

3) We Handle Special Cases – You Never Know Until You Ask

Not every gardening job can be perfected with a simple case of gardening maintenance. Aside from a mixed variety of mowing, trimming, hedging, pruning, and so on, you may also require waste removal or a complete yard clean up. And from our experience, a few gardens can take a lot of work. If you have a situation that you think a gardening company wouldn’t take on, think again—you never know until you ask.

4) We Specialize in The Brisbane Weather

The Brisbane weather is killer, and for someone who isn’t used to being outdoors, you’re putting yourself at real risk of heat stroke, sunburn, and dehydration. If this is your first time doing something outdoorsy in a while, you might be better off leaving it to the experts. Not only will we know how to do the job properly from the start—thus minimizing the amount of time it will take—but we also know how to comply with all the safety tips to survive a hot summer day.

5) We Do All the Time-Consuming Work for You

Gardening isn’t a one-time thing. Initially setting it up can take anywhere from one to several full days of work, depending on the size of the garden and ambition of your project. Finding an expert gardener, Brisbane grown and trained, who knows their way around the garden can shave hours and even days off of the overall time. Don’t worry about squeezing in hours after work or giving up your weekends to maintain your garden; let us deal with garden maintenance and upkeep while you spend time with more important things.
Graham's Garden Care Gardener Pruning

6) Affordable and Quick Prices for Amazing Service

At Graham’s Garden Care, customer satisfaction is our number one concern, and that means charging fair and consistent prices. You won’t have to worry about losing too much of an investment when you hire our gardeners; we will get the most out of every dollar you spend.

7) Nearly A Quarter-Century of Gardening Experience

What’s better: you taking care of your garden after reading a few tips and articles online, or having a team of professionals with over two decades of real Brisbane gardening experience push their green thumbs on your lawn? In nearly a quarter of a century, we’ve picked up skills and qualities you can only learn from years of experience.
Graham's Garden Care Brisbane's Friendly Gardeners

8) Local Franchises All Over Brisbane And Queensland

No matter where you may be located in Brisbane or Queensland, the gardener you hire from Graham’s Garden Care will always be nearby. We have franchises stationed all over Brisbane and Queensland giving us the ability to offer you the quickest and most localized service and the fastest quotes.

9) Personalized Service and Personalized Care

Since we have franchises all over Brisbane and Queensland, this means one thing: no matter where you are, the Graham Garden Care gardener you deal with will be a caring and attentive franchise owner, not an employee who couldn’t care less about his job. This results in a personalized service and personalized care you wouldn’t get from other big gardening companies.

10) Over 200,000 Gardens Trimmed, Mowed, and Perfected

When you hire Graham’s Garden Care, you become a part of a growing family, 200,000 strong. We have serviced over 200,000 gardens, lawns, and backyards in our 23 years of business. Whatever problem, issue, or concern you may have with your backyard, garden, or lawn is something we have already dealt with.
Graham's Garden Care Brisbane Gardener Lawn Mowing

Graham’s Garden Care is your one-stop service for all your gardening needs. Let us deal with your gardening problems; just sit back and enjoy the view.

Need help with your garden? Contact us today!

Spring: The Perfect Time to Hire a Professional Local Gardener

Spring Professional Gardener Planting Brisbane

Spring: The Perfect Time to Hire a Professional Local Gardener

It’s coming up to springtime in Brisbane. The time when people start emerging from the warmth of their homes and out into their gardens.

However, after being left alone to grow, in favour of the warmth and creature comforts of the indoors, many of the local gardens have run wild. While growth for some plants slows during the winter time, others keep growing at a rapid pace leaving homeowners with a jungle of foliage and weeds to clean up.

If you are daunted by the clean-up your garden needs and struggle to find the time to tackle it, maybe you should consider hiring a local professional gardener. Not only will they be able to handle to overgrowth and mowing for you, but they will also be able to help it thrive during the coming hot and humid summer months.

Beautiful Spring Garden Brisbane

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional local gardener

1. Great gardens take time

While gardens are beautiful, they are time-consuming to maintain. Even the smallest courtyard garden can take hours to care for if it has been left unattended for long periods of time.

When people are working full-time jobs, the time they get off is needed to relax and unwind. They don’t want to spend it out under the sweltering sun, hacking the crawling tendrils off long neglected bushes or removing stumps with root systems that go for miles.

Hiring a professional gardener gives you the ability relax and enjoy your weekends and time off at home in your garden, without the hassle of slaving for hours to maintain it.

Professional Gardener Brisbane Hedging

2. You need to take care in the Brisbane weather

It’s no secret that Brisbane weather is challenging at times. 2017 has been one of the warmest on record with the summer period breaking at least 205 weather records in a 90-day period according to the Climate Council of Australia.

Working in the garden in the extreme highs and lows of Brisbane weather is not only tough on the body but can also be hazardous to those who aren’t used to the heat and know how to work safely in the conditions. If you don’t take breaks often, remain hydrated and stop work during the hottest part of the day, you could end up with a nasty case of heat stroke that could result in a trip to the hospital.

Professional gardeners are trained to work with the weather conditions and stay safe while doing it. This includes wearing the correct safety gear for the job to ensure their safety.

Exhausted Gardener Brisbane

3. Mistakes are costly

Did you know that pruning some plants too much or the wrong way can cause irreparable damage? Or that the gorgeous but expensive plant you have sitting in your front garden may be dying because it’s placed in full sun when it needs partial shade to thrive?

There is more to gardening than pruning and watering. To keep a garden alive and growing to its full potential, it needs specialist knowledge and care.

If a plant is planted in the wrong soil or level of sun exposure it will become deprived of the nutrients and light it needs to survive, leaving you with money out of pocket and a garden full of dead plants. Your local gardeners have the knowledge needed to ensure that your garden looks its best while keeping the plants healthy and happy.

Dead Garden In Need Of A Brisbane Gardener

They are also able to give you recommendations about the best type of plants for your area as some plants are better suited to some locations than others.

Whether you are looking for someone to handle the regular garden maintenance, mow the lawn, drought-proof your garden for the summer or even redesign your whole yard Graham’s Garden Care in Brisbane will ensure that your garden is the best that it can possibly be.

Spring Garden Maintenance Brisbane

For more information on our services or to receive a free quote for your home, give our friendly team a call on 1300 134 035 or click here to fill in our free quote form.

What You Should Be Asking Your Brisbane Gardener

Questions To Ask Your Brisbane Gardener

What You Should Be Asking Your Brisbane Gardener

When hiring someone to lend you an extra hand around your home and garden, often you may be wondering whether you are getting the best quality service for your money. We all like to know that when hiring someone, that person will be the right fit and can solve all our problems for a reasonable price. Thus when hiring a gardener in Brisbane, there are a few top questions you should be asking.


What Odd Jobs Do They Offer Other Than Gardening?

Some gardeners throughout Brisbane may offer additional services such as general yard repairs such as fixing fencing around your yard, or fixing garden beds and edging that has decayed or been damaged. Some gardeners will also assist in removing unwanted debris or garden materials such as left over concrete from construction or unwanted yard junk. Looking for a Brisbane gardener that can help you out with services other than general garden maintenance is like buying an all-in-one product rather than multiple products to do different jobs. It is simply convenient and often cheaper.

Garden Clean Up And Odd Jobs Fence Repairs

Do They Offer Full Garden Makeovers & Build Entirely New Gardens?

If you are one of those people who love flicking through gardening magazines or scrolling through Pinterest in your spare time and envy the garden designs, you may be able to achieve that for your garden and not simply dream about the possibility. Ask your gardener whether they offer full garden makeover services and whether they can create a particular garden look you have been dreaming of. Some gardeners only create specific style gardens, so asking and showing them your dream designs can help you establish your gardener’s perimeters.

Can They Recommend Plants That Could Help Improve The Look Of Your Garden?

Experienced gardeners are walking books of knowledge. If you are struggling with keeping your plants alive and not sure what you are doing wrong or how you could improve your garden, or even what are the types of plants that would suit your location and soil, simply ask. Most gardeners are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. At Graham’s Garden Care, our experienced gardeners are happy to help you out with all your garden makeover, garden improvement and garden creation questions and needs. Talk to us about your plans today.

What Additional Maintenance Services Do They Offer?

Mowing, fertilising, weeding, pruning, hedging, strimming, … The list can go on and on. If you have a yard with a garden, shrubs, trees and grass, you may know the struggle of keeping it looking amazing all year round. If it isn’t an abundance of weeds in your garden, it could be overgrown shrubs that are just out of reach. If you find you are struggling with more than one aspect of lawn and garden care, ask your gardener whether they can help you with other tasks as well. Do they mow lawns, fertilise, tidy up your hedges and trees? Can they remove weeds from your garden and lay new garden materials? If you find a great gardener who is affordable, friendly and able to help you with all your lawn, yard and garden needs, you could be amazed at how stunning your home could look!

Gardener Maintaining Garden

Can They Help You With Messy Jobs Such As Garden Waste & Rubbish Removal?

If you don’t own at trailer, it can be hard to get rid of large garden waste. Grass clippings, branches, debris and junk can be too big and/or hazardous to throw into your wheelie bin, nor will the council be too happy with you. Some Brisbane gardening companies offer service to clean up, remove and dispose of garden waste and yard rubbish for you. This can save you a lot of hard work and stress of organising expensive trailer hire for a dump trip. This can be particularly helpful if you are a rental property owner and require a yard clean up after a messy tenant. Your gardener could simply charge an additional fee to take care of it all for you, worry-free.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your gardener about all your garden, lawn and yard maintenance, care and design questions and dreams. Like it is always said, “you’ll never know, if you never ask.” Using one gardener or gardening company for all your needs can save you a lot of hassle and money sorting through different companies to do different jobs.

Graham’s Garden Care offer a range of garden, lawn and yard services from lawn mowing and garden maintenance to yard clean ups and garden makeovers to create the garden you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to get a quote and discover how we can help you. Call us on 1300 134 035.

Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast: Common Lawn Problem Guide

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Lawn

Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast:
Common Lawn Problem Guide

Here in the Sunshine Coast, lawns are often valued for the natural beauty and inviting atmosphere they give to a home. Bringing natural elements, such as lawns and gardens into your home and backyard is also proven to help calm and remove you from the stresses of everyday life. Lawn mowing, care and maintenance on the Sunshine Coast, however; can sometime be hard work. Introducing and trying to settle in new lawns and plant varieties into locations, soil types, and climates they aren’t use to can be testing. Graham’s Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast team has been caring for lawns and gardens for over 20 years, offering quality services and advice to help you get the most out of your outdoor spaces.

Climates & Locations

Various climates and locations will determine which lawn types will flourish best in your backyard. Areas which receive heavy frost in winter, drought in summer or a lot of shade, will not suit all lawn varieties. The key is to establish what category your backyard fits into, whether it is shady, dry, frost-prone, wet, sandy or a combination, for you to fully understand why your lawn may be experiencing problems and what lawn varieties might work better for you.

Cold & Frost Tolerant Lawn Varieties

• ‘Sir Walter’ Soft-leaf Buffalo Grass • ‘Palmetto’ Soft-leaf Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass has a wonderful thick, hardy, broad leaf enabling it to withstand cold climates and little sun exposure. Unlike Couch, Buffalo grass also stays green throughout winter to ensure you have a luscious green lawn all year round.

For more information on these varieties and their features, check out Burkes Backyard’s Winter Lawn Tips.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Buffalo Grass

Drought Tolerant Lawn Varieties

Couch grasses are probably the most commonly used varieties for sunny and dry locations. Its mass underground runners assist to retrieve water and nutrients deep within the soil, helping it to withstand long periods without water. Couch however, doesn’t grow well in shady locations and dies off during winter, though its fast recovery will ensure lush green grass come spring.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Couch Grass

Shade Tolerant Lawn Varieties

•Buffalo Grass (particularly ‘Sapphire’ soft-leaf) • Zoysia Grass • Kikuyu Grass

Buffalo grass is often the most commonly used grass variety for shady areas tolerating up to 70% shade per day as stated by Lawn Care Advice. Zoysia and Kikuyu is great for partially shady backyards, as well as having the great ability to be able to withstand traffic. Zoysia, however; is not recommended for cold climates or high traffic areas.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Zoysia Grass Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Kikuyu Grass

High Traffic Tolerate Lawn Varieties

• Couch • Kikuyu

Couch is a fine leaf variety of grass often used on playing fields for its ability to withstand traffic as well as hot, sunny and dry conditions. Couch, however; doesn’t particularly grow well in cold regions or shady locations, drying back and turning brown in winter. Kikuyu with its broad-leafed, luscious thick texture and fast recovery time makes it excellent for heavy traffic zones. It can also tolerate partial shade, however; it also spreads easily thus in areas where spreading is a concern, substitute for the Male Sterile Kikuyu. (Read more about Kikuyu here)

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast High Traffic Area Grass


Weeds are a common problem in the majority of all Australian lawns. Not only do weeds look awful, they also leech nutrients from your grass and compete for space. While most lawn weed killers work well, you should pay close attention to the variety of weeds the herbicide targets. Lawn weed killers are designed to target the specific genetic makeup of a plant that differentiates itself from another, in this case grass. Weeds generally have broad leaves, thus this is often a common target for weed killers, however; grasses such a Kikuyu and Buffalo share this same trait making them also a target, killing your lawn. Bearing this in mind, when buying lawn weed killers it helps to know your grass variety and if in doubt always ask a professional for assistance to help choosing the right lawn weed killer for you.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Lawn Weed Removal

Brown Patches

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Brown Patch In Lawn

The dreaded brown patch is the typical Australian’s worst, but all too common, lawn related issue. They can appear due to numerous reasons, making them common and hard to treat if you aren’t sure what you are doing wrong. Some of the main contributors are:

    • Over/under watering: check your grass variety for correct water intake.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Watering Lawn

    • Lack of fertiliser/nutrients: this can be solved by picking up a variety specific lawn fertiliser from your local hardware store. Different grass varieties often require different amounts of nutrients to others. Check with your local hardware store for their availability.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Fertilising Lawn

    • Too shady: check your grass variety for sun/shade tolerance. You may need to trim back large trees to allow in more sunlight.
    • Weeds: as mentioned in the previous section, pay attention to your grass variety prior seeking weed killers for your lawn. Alternatively, removing weeds, roots and all with a knife or garden weeder helps removes weeds and prevents their return.
    • Disease: this can appear as white, grey, brown or black growths or marks on the leaves. Disease can quite easily be treated with anti-fungal treatment and sprays from your local hardware store.
    • Pests: Lawn mites, caterpillars, mole crickets and lawn grubs are another factor which can cause your lawn to turn brown. Signs and symptoms can include fine spiderwebs, loose grass leaves, masses of small bugs, browning of grass, and plenty of birds or moths hanging around your lawn. Pests can be treated with lawn insecticides. Speak to your local hardware store to find a suitable insecticide for you, depending on your lawn symptoms.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Lawn Pests Lawn Grub

    • Incorrect lawn mowing techniques: Cutting lawn too short can cause brown patches due to the lack of adequate leaf surface to enable photosynthesis and optimal grass growth. Reductions in plant photosynthesis causes the to die due to lack of nutrients gathered through the leaves. Lawns should generally be mowed when they have reached a height of approximately 3-4 inches.
  • Urine, oil and other contaminates: urine contains high levels of acid, salt and nitrogen which kills grass if applied to the same spot more than once. If possible, train your pet to use a particular area of your backyard or invest in a kitty litter tray. Oil such as car oil or cooking oil, can also kill your grass as it smothers it and prevents it from taking in nutrients. Always dispose of oil, in bottles at your local waste depot or pour over kitty litter to soak and dry before disposing.

Prevention, Maintenance & Care

Preventing common lawn problems can be achieved by proper and regular lawn maintenance. Regular watering can prevent pests in some lawn varieties, whilst regular fertilising lawns, especially in winter, assists to keep your lawn in optimal condition. Lawn mowing is also a great method of keeping your lawn strong and healthy as it helps establish strong roots and assist sun penetration beneficial for lawn health. Graham’s Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast team offers lawn mowing and garden maintenance services to give you peace of mind knowing that your lawn and garden is in safe hands and given the care it needs.

Graham's Garden Care Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast Lawn Mower

If you need help with maintaining your lawn, contact our Graham’s Lawn Mowing Sunshine Coast team today! Call us on 1300 134 035 for a free quote.




Burkes Backyard
Lawn Care Advice

Ultimate Garden Designs For Die Hard Gardeners Sunshine Coast

Do you love nothing more than a day in the sunshine, surrounded by nature, hands buried in the soil as you work on your latest garden project? Our gardeners Sunshine Coast do!

Discover the ultimate Sunshine Coast garden designs for all you gardening enthusiasts out there.

A Tropical Paradise

Lovers of a rich green and vibrant flowering tropical garden will know too well of those wide leaf philodendrons, beautiful flowering gingers alongside towering palms. Some of the most stunning of tropical plants could be the weird and wonderful bat plants and heliconias.
Tropical gardens love fertile soils, regular watering and partial shade, excellent for coastal regions.



The Cottage Garden


There can be simply nothing more soft and stunning than cottage flowers in bloom. Daffodils, foxgloves, cosmos, daisies and peonies are a simple few of what a common cottage garden would comprise of.
Fertile soil and regular watering will keep your cottage plants looking stunning. Partial to full shade planting positions will depend on the plant varieties for gardens across the Sunshine Coast. Fertilise regularly and ensure you keep on top of nasty pests such as aphids and caterpillars.


Journey Through Asia


The iconic arch bridges, lotus-covered Koi-filled ponds, and stone statues are musts in any oriental-style garden. Sculpted trees and hedges introduce that wonderful handcrafted, bonsai appeal.
This style of gardening requires little care, as hardy, drought tolerant trees and shrubs are planted strategically alongside waterfalls, streams and ponds. The tranquil atmosphere of these gardens leaves you feeling at one with nature and yourself, definitely a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Mediterranean Vibes


Gardeners who have ever travelled to anywhere along the Mediterranean probably can distinctly recall stone terraced homes trailing with potted vines and flowers. Beautifully sculpted hedges border walkways whilst Greek and Roman columns and sculptures rise out of prestige fountains.
Lavender, Lilly Pilly and Japanese Box hedges and Euphorbias are great plants to add that Mediterranean vibe into your Sunshine Coast garden. Hardy perennials and evergreen hedges require little watering. Regularly prune hedges to keep them in their shape.
With this style, you won’t have to leave your backyard to have a holiday!


Minimalist Gardeners


It is possible to be a minimalist gardener on the sunshine coast. This style of gardening heavily involves the creative use of space. Modern and simple cacti, succulents, turf and groundcover varieties provide bold, carefree works of art. These plant types often require little to no care, besides pruning to maintain the desired shape and regular watering.
No more than three colour variations are used in any given area, to ensure the simple, minimalist style is upheld. You’ll be able to sit back and marvel at your stunning garden design knowing there is little work involved to maintain it.


Would you like a garden design makeover, or just need a helping hand? Graham’s Gardeners Sunshine Coast can help. Graham’s Garden Care’s garden professionals offer a variety of gardening services across Brisbane, Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast.

Contact us today for a free quote!

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Lawn Mowing Maroochydore: How To Grow A Luscious Green Lawn

There’s nothing like enjoying the sun with a newspaper or book, a beverage and your toes nestled between the strands of a luscious green lawn. There is not a doubt that a healthy lawn is a pleasing sight, here’s how you can achieve your very own luscious and healthy lawn.

1. Regular Mowing

If you like to mow your own lawn, the following tips will help you do this effectively with your lawn’s interest in mind. Firstly, check the blade to ensure it is sharp. If not, you’ll want to get this sharpened. A sharp mower blade helps provide a clean cut and also help the grass regrow healthier, like when pruning a hedge.


Secondly, mow in different directions every time. This will help you prevent forming lawn rows. Mowing your lawn in the same direction every time pushes your grass in that same direction, causing it to grow that way, this is how the lawn rows or patterns are formed.

Don’t cut your lawn too short, you only want to take off a third of the grass, especially in Summer. Long grass throughout the hot Summer months are better able to tolerate harsh heat better than short cut grass.


2. Fertilise

Just like most plants, a little bit of fertiliser goes a long way in the overall health of your lawn. The best times to fertilise your lawn is in Autumn and Spring. Autumn fertilising helps to repair and damage from the harsh Summer heat and prepare it for Winter, whilst Spring fertilising helps give your grass a boost during its growth period.

Visit your local hardware or gardening store to find the best fertiliser for your lawn. Always read and use products according to their instructions.

3. Weeding

Weed not only look terrible but they also steal nutrients from your grass. Removing weeds, roots and all, by hand is a great method to prevent their return, however; especially for tough weeds and large backyards, this can be a gruelling task. Selected weed killing chemicals for lawns, are specialised to only kills the weeds you apply it to, or you can also buy broad-leafed plant targeted chemicals, thus leaving your lawn unharmed. As your lawn develops and becomes thicker, generally less weeds will grow as your already mature lawn will smother them, making it easy for you.

4. Aeration

For healthy, lush lawn to grow the roots need plenty of oxygen. To do this you need to aerate your lawn by either using tools such as a lawn aerators, garden forks or spiked rollers. This method opens up the lawn and soil to allow oxygen in.

5. High Traffic Areas

Grass will always struggle in high traffic areas as continual compression suffocates and damages it with little to no chance of recovery. To prevent these areas looking terrible and patchy, it is recommended they be turned into a pathway. This will also encourage visitors to walk on the path, rather than on your lovely grass.


6. Watering

Deep watering 1-2 times per week is ideal for a lush green lawn. This is best done in the morning with a rotary or low to the ground sprinkler, allowing as much as water possible directly onto the grass instead of lost by evaporation. Try not to water too late into the evening as this can create the ideal conditions for mould and disease to form.

If you need help with your lawn and/or garden, talk to Graham’s Garden Care. We take care of all your lawn, mowing and gardening needs. Get a free quote today, contact us on 1300 134 035.

6 Great Gardening Tips From Sunshine Coast Gardeners

Sunshine Coast Garden

The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful and unique climate and location. Beautiful cool and salty sea breezes, blue waters and warm sunshine. So, how do we design our gardens to reflect this beauty and suit this coastal climate?

1. Provide Nutrient Rich Soil For Your Plants

“You only get out, what you put in,” is a common saying for humans in regards to eating well to maintain health and energy. The same goes for all living organisms including plants. As many plants draw their food source from the soil, this is where the plant’s health lies also. When creating garden beds, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, the soil tends to be quite sandy, not withholding a lot of nutrients. Improving the soil with plenty of organic matter helps provide a nutrient-rich food source for your plants to thrive in.

Sunshine Coast Gardener Hands In Soil

2. Mulch Your Garden Beds

The beautiful Sunshine Coast sun and cool ocean breezes are great to laze about in, however, they can dry out things quite quickly. Mulching your garden beds helps keep moisture in the soil, which also reduces the amount of watering needed to keep plants hydrated.

Sunshine Coast Garden Mulch




3. Fertilise & Water Regularly

Different growth periods and seasons can change plant nutrient and water requirements throughout the year, thus for optimal plant health, regular fertilising and watering is recommended. Organic fertilisers are great for their ability to slowly release nutrients into the soil, making it nearly impossible to over-do it.
For optimal hydration, plants should be watered in the morning, throughout cooler months, and twice daily, morning and afternoon, during the hotter summer months. Avoid watering late into the evening as moisture held on leaves and blooms can encourage mould and bacteria to form, damaging the plant. For choosing the best fertiliser and treatments for your plants, visit your local nursery or hardware store.

Sunshine Coast Gardener Fertilising Plant

Sunshine Coast Gardener Watering





4. Plan Your Outdoor Space

When you think of your dream garden, what does it look like? Does it look coastal, country cottage-like, or is it a modern oasis? Make note of what traits are associated with your dream theme. For example, common traits of a “coastal” theme are:

• Light blue and white colours

• Grasses

• Raw materials such as stone and dark wood textures

• Flowing objects and decor

• Driftwood and seashells

Once you’ve done this, let your creativity run wild incorporating the traits in the form of physical objects, furniture and decor. This could be white curtain drapery on verandahs, decks, rippled vases or paintwork to incorporate “flowing objects and decor” into your garden.

Sunshine Coast Garden Plan

5. Choose Your Plants Wisely

Different plants prefer different soil types and climates, therefore; it is a good idea to establish the kind of garden you want in relation to your climate and soil type. Many coastal areas have sandy soil which suits plants such as grasses, succulents and natives. When choosing plants to suit your Sunshine Coast garden, look for drought-tolerant plants that prefer well-drained soil and warmer climates.

Sunshine Coast Gardener Giving Advice

6. Provide Shade & Privacy For Your Garden

Shade is important in any coastal garden. Coastlines are generally exposed, affected by a range of harsh weather conditions. Shade not only protects delicate plants from the harsh sun, but it also protects them from weather conditions such as severe storms with strong wind and heavy rainfall. Shade can come in many different forms, it could be in the form of shady trees, pergolas, tall borders, greenhouses, shade cloths and covered archways. Tall trees and shady green borders also give your garden a little privacy, making it feel more like a private oasis that is your escape from the world, rather than a public space. These are all creative ways to incorporate a little bit of protection for you and your plants into your garden.

Sunshine Coast Garden Bamboo Border

Are you looking for a Sunshine Coast gardener? Here at Graham’s Garden Care, our expert gardeners tend to a range of garden needs throughout South East Queensland at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote!

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